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The Selank nasal spray is a synthetic peptide that is produced by the human body by the tetrapeptide Tussin. The peptide has a wide range of uses and was first synthesised in the ’90s by a Russian academy. Also, further studies by the Molecular Genetics a Russian academy also found out that Selank is a close compound to Semax. It’s also important to note that Semax is the predecessor to Selank and were both synthesised by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Science


Selank nasal comes in various versions that include the injectable version, and the nasal version. The peptide can be taken for more than ten days to as long as required. For the nasal spray version, individuals ought to take 400 mcg – 9 mg of Selank a day. Also, patients should take a total of three doses a day. However, a single or double injection of 250 mcg – 3 mg of Selank is necessary though not recommended for patients who want to maximise on the contents of the peptide.


For a longer life span of 24 months, Selank should be at a temperature of about 2 – 8 degrees Celsius. However, when stored at room temperature Selank has a life span of over 90 days


  • Increases the learning process by increasing the memory of individuals.
  • Selank nasal spray is known to increase both the attention and curiosity of individuals.
  • It can increase the mental clarity of users.
  • Can be used in damaged brains as a result of accidents to improve their memory.
  • Selank nasal spray is known to improve anxiety.
  • From a recent study, the peptide is said to reduce the anxiety of most patients.
  • Selank nasal spray is also known to improve the immunity of most individuals.
  • A scientific study suggests that the peptide releases interferons which are said to be antiviral molecules Selank increases the antioxidant activity in most livers.
  • This is majorly shown in livers of most livers of stressed mice.


The peptide needs more human test to determine its compatibility to most humans. Also, most studies are on mice rather than human studies. For this reason, most of the advantages of the peptide are limited to mice and rats.

An overdose of the peptide has been proven to be dangerous to humans. A dose of above 500 times higher than usual can lead to an alarming rate of fatigue to the human body. On the bright side, most researchers claim that the peptide is side effect free making it a valued medication in the market.

Frequently asked questions.

Who can use Selank nasal spray?

The peptide is usable by any individual provided they obtain clearance from relevant authorities or their physician. Breast cancer moms can use Selank nasal spray as the peptide is known to reduce the development of tumours.

Where can I get a Selank nasal spray?

The medication can be purchased from enhancedchemicals.com. However, the peptide should only be used after consulting a physician about the dosage. For this reason, individuals are likely to avoid side effects that might turn out to be fatal.

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