CJC NO DAC Nasal Spray


CJC NO DAC Nasal Spray


CJC without DAC is a growth hormone Realizing peptide which is common and widely used in the peptide market. It is one of the safest growth hormone to use.

This peptide has less side effects, its a peptide recommended for body building. It is a peptide hormone which is made of amino acids.

Benefits – Anti-aging, muscle building, Hormone products, Immune system products, Healing products, Weight loss.



CJC1295 No Dac Pre Mixed Peptide Pen United States

If you wish as an individual to lose weight, body buildings or improve your body immune system in case of stunted growth of children CJC is the best. You can also consider buying it for family and relatives and visit with them peptide products through the website or shops.

CJC United States also has extended lifespan than any other growth in the market which is beneficial to the user. It lasts in the body longer controlling the dispersal rate of growth hormone. It also increases synthesis of proteins in the body as protein are use or take part in body building.

This peptide also is also boosts one immune system; the immunosuppressed individuals can use this peptide to improve their immune system. Your skin also as an individual need to be protected and so CJC improve your skin elasticity and completion. As one also works out in the gym one will take less time to regain energy or even after carrying out a heavy tusk.

Enhancing fast recovery after an injury

This is because it enhances faster growth of tissues and cells. CJC also is very important in strengthening bones unlike other growth hormone peptides which weaken the bone of an individual.

The differences between JCJ with DAC and JCJ without DAC is the one with DAC (peptide affinity complex) is modification of GFR and also JCJ without DAC United States has growth hormone pulsation rate slightly lower than the one with DAC United States.

This peptide should always be stored in a cool dry place. Normally there are twenty injections of CJC which should be about two or three injections per day. A vial contains 2mg, administer 100mcg a day twice or thrice a day. These peptides have some side effects which can last for a short time unlike other medications they are not chronic, they include tingling and numbness.

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Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

10ml, 25ml


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