Ipamorelin Nasal Spray


Ipamorelin Nasal Spray


Ipamorelin is known to be among the newest and greatest peptides in the family of growth factor.

Considered one of the safest growth hormone-releasing peptides, Ipamorelin is a selective GSH (Growth hormone secretagogue) plus a GHS-R (growth hormone secretagogue receptor).




Ipamorelin Peptide Nasal Spray United States

Ipamorelin Peptide Nasal Spray United States is among the newest and greatest peptides in the family of growth factor.

A safe growth hormone-releasing peptide, Ipamorelin is a selective GSH (Growth hormone secretagogue) plus a GHS-R (growth hormone secretagogue receptor).

This peptide is a third generation growth hormone-releasing peptide, and it is the cleanest growth hormone-releasing peptide.

It stands out because of its enhanced specificity.

Ipamorelin generates similar increases in GH secretion, but less appetite stimulation and also increases aldosterone, prolactin, acetylcholine and cortisol seen with peptides in its class.

Additionally, Ipamorelin has been proven to be well-tolerated, and its strength is comparable to GHRp-2 and GHRP-6.

Benefits of Ipamorelin United States

  • Ipamorelin stimulates your pituitary gland (hypophysis) to produce more endogenous GH.
  • That means the levels of Ipamorelin in your body grow naturally, instead of adding synthetic GH into your system.
  • Most people use this peptide short term (three to six months) for its fat loss benefits as well as its overall improvements in the composition of the body.
  • The peptide increases fat metabolism, therefore when age becomes a factor in your ability to lose weight, Ipamorelin creates a more efficient and faster process.
  • Physically active patients tend to see even faster benefits when using this peptide as it helps recovery from workouts and also allows for faster progression plus more fat loss.
  • Once you have achieved your desired weight gain, you can discontinue Ipamorelin use, and achieve weight maintenance through lifestyle changes and diet.
  • Other Ipamorelin benefits include broad anti-ageing properties, which includes improvements to sleep, immune function, bone density, mood, energy and body composition.
  • Also, you can use this peptide to achieve a more energetic and youthful state, though when you use it for 6 to 12 months (long-term use).

Ipamorelin Use

You can take this as a handy nasal spray. You should take the peptide before going to bed so as to coincide with your body’s natural GH spike.

it’s recommended to use just one supplement every day at the same time on a daily basis.

Generally, to maximise the gains and benefits that come with using Ipamorelin United States

Dosage levels and the dosage timing you take every day should be consistent.

Also, it is recommended to start on the lower end, an 8-week cycle and build up the cycle.

Doing this will guarantee the desired results while using this peptide and make sure you gain the most out of Ipamorelin.

Long term use of IPA is considered safe with no side effects


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